Aerial Video & Photography


Our experienced FAA Certified remote pilot will use our small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS or drone) to take dramatic, sweeping shots from as high as 400 feet off the ground. Add this exciting footage to your next company overview or training video to really make an impression.

Aerial shots used to be a complicated and expensive ordeal. With the latest small unmanned drones it’s now easy and affordable to capture dramatic shots of your corporate headquarters, campus, grounds and other facilities from the sky. This is a great resource for anyone in automotive, sports, real estate, construction or any other industry that has something to show from above. Incorporate aerial footage into your next video project or let us help you capture file footage/photos for your visual asset library.

Modern drones are extremely maneuverable and can go where full-sized helicopters never could, including  in between natural formations and buildings, low-altitude following shots and even indoors from just about any angle imaginable.

thirtysix::thirtyfive has an FAA Certified Remote pilot (with sUAS rating) on-staff and fully complies with 14 CFR Part 107 (commercial drone law that went into effect on August 29, 2016). We go beyond the minimum requirements with comprehensive safety checklists as well.

In addition, we hold two separate FAA waivers, one that allows us to fly at night and one that allows us to fly in the Downtown Cleveland area with as little as 24 hours notice (compared to the typical 90-day notice process). If you are flying a drone for commercial purposes, you must comply with Part 107 or face heavy fines and even possible jail time.


Aerial Video
We’re able to capture up to UltraHD (4k) video from up to a mile away from our takeoff site. Imagine sweeping shots of your facility, following a delivery truck to tell a story, aerial coverage of your event and other dramatic b-roll.

Aerial Photography
Let us capture shots of your headquarters, real estate, grounds and more for use online, in collateral and in advertising.

Aerial Mapping & Modeling
With aerial mapping and modeling, we can create a map of your location of pictures stitched together with special software. Think of it as a custom Google Earth image, but more up-to-date and in greater detail. This is perfect for documenting progress at construction sites. These maps can even show elevation of structures with 3D imaging.


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