Animation & Motion Graphics


When a live action shoot won’t cut it, animation or enhanced graphics can convey your message in an eye-catching way, keeping your audience glued to their screen. thirtysix::thirtyfive has the tools and talent to create the custom motion graphics you need.

Our team has produced engaging videos consisting entirely of motion graphics, animation, infographics, music and voiceover to help illustrate what a business does and why they’re great at it. We’ve produced a wide range of videos that help illustrate a concept, from simple infographics and typography to full character animation. When done correctly, these types of videos result in extremely high engagement rates on the web.


It is sometimes easier to convey complex or abstract business services through animation, rather than live-action video.

Animation, 2D and 3D motion graphics can also enhance live-action footage by adding an extra level of polish to the production. It’s one of many things that separate professional from amateur productions. thirtysix::thirtyfive creates motion graphics that follow an organization’s brand standards ensuring consistency throughout every video we create. A graphics package can be reused throughout a series of videos, making subsequent videos more cost-effective.

Whether you need a dynamic sequence for the opening of your video, an animated logo for a TV ad, digital signage content or a completely animated marketing video for your website, our team is poised to help. By integrating elements of motion, time and sound into a seamless video, we can create an exciting, engaging piece that amplifies your marketing message and complements your other marketing elements.


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