Audio Production


Sound is a very powerful marketing tool and can literally give your brand a voice. Audio production services can help you create anything from radio commercials to podcasts to the voice narrating your corporate film.

At thirtysix::thirtyfive, we produce audio that makes a statement and stands on its own. We have our own in-house audio production studio and equipment, making our services extremely cost-effective and easy to produce.

You may not associate a certain sound or tone with your brand, but there are many opportunities within audio production to further engage your audience. Sound has the ability to motivate, calm and lead users to take action. The right audio and sound production can speak volumes for your brand.


Podcasts/Educational Series
It’s the experts in the industry who really stand out. A regular podcast or educational audio series can help you be seen as that expert. We can develop an editorial calendar that helps you plan, implement and deliver content on a regular basis and then produce it, whether it’s your own employees or clients speaking or professional talent.

Hero, Hub, Help Podcast

Radio & Internet Radio Ads
Radio is still an extremely effective way of reaching targeted audiences. Our team has a successful track record of conceptualizing, scripting, casting talent and producing radio spots that deliver big results.

We’ve also found that online radio (e.g., Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio) creates great results for our clients. Services go beyond just the production of the ads, we work hand-in-hand with our in-house Media Planning and Buying Team to make sure an effective advertising message is delivered to the right audience.

Presentation Voiceovers
Do you need to deliver a PowerPoint presentation through the web, perhaps through a service like SlideShare? We can record you individually or as part of a panel at our in-house studio, edit the recording with our professional-grade equipment and deliver a high-quality, awesome-sounding audio file to be used with your presentation. And if you’re looking for assistance designing the visual side of your presentation, our Design Team is one of the best around.

Directional and Cultural Services
Sound plays a huge part in your company culture. From your voicemail system to digital kiosks to the voice in the elevator telling you what floor is next, everything plays a subtle part in articulating your brand. If you’re in the public exhibit or museum space, a self-guided audio tour adds value to your visitors’ experience without adding staff. Whatever the need, thirtysix::thirtyfive can help plan, record and implement an engaging experience.  

Training Programs
Do you need to educate your customer base or sales force on the proper use of your product or service?

Rather than just putting a dry manual in front of them, consider a professionally created training video or audio program. Not only is it more interesting, but studies indicate that employees retain information better by watching and listening than by reading alone. We can develop the training content, shoot the footage, produce and then deliver the final video or audio. We also provide our unbiased opinion on whether the script is effective in conveying the information to someone less intimately familiar with your products and/or services.


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