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The passion of filmmakers,

the strategy of marketers—that’s thirtysix::thirtyfive studios.

thirtysix::thirtyfive studios is the in-house video production studio for thunder::tech, an award-winning marketing agency. Based in Cleveland, thirtysix::thirtyfive handles every aspect of your video production from big idea to bringing it to life.

We’re passionate about filmmaking—but we’re also seasoned marketers. We know how to tell a compelling story that remains true to your brand, engages viewers and motivates your audience to take action.

At our office we literally sit side-by-side with some of the most experienced marketing professionals around. This collaboration results in brilliant tactical activation that ensures that you get the greatest return on investment for your new video.


Our Work

our approach

Every project—no matter how large or small—helps tell your brand story. We deliver video and production services that make an emotional connection, move the needle and tell your story. From simple explainer videos to emotion-packed corporate films, we’ve done it all.



A full 30% of the brain’s cerebral cortex is used to process visual information. If we use that much brain power on sight, what we see should be worth it. We create visuals—video and photography, primarily—that draw in the viewer with beautiful, evocative imagery that establishes an immediate emotional connection that grabs your attention and makes it impossible to look away.

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In many ways, sound is even more powerful than sight. A thoughtfully layered and produced soundscape allows the listener to create their own visuals in their head, making the message all the more powerful and enduring. The right voice talent combined with music and sound effects can cut through any distractions to connect message to listener.




Animation and motion graphics allow you to tell stories that are limited only by your imagination. Without the constraints of physical locations, human ability and real-world physics, your brand can explore impossibly bold new approaches to storytelling. Take your brand from the bottom of the sea to the furthest star and everywhere in between.

Bring Your Brand Story To Life


our services

Video Production

Beautiful and engaging video is our core competency and our driving passion. Our in-house team of video professionals handle all aspects of your video or corporate film, including ideation, scripting, casting, props/wardrobe, hair/makeup, shooting, editing, closed captioning and more. We have a green screen studio on site, our own lighting and gear and a burning desire to do great work.

Audio Production

Our in-house studio and services can create video voice overs, radio spots, podcasts, music edits and any number of soundscapes to fit your needs.

Aerial Video & Photography

Our FAA-certified remote pilot is skilled in capturing dramatic aerial video and photography with our Small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS, but you can call it a drone).

Event Support

Let us turn your boring PowerPoint into a multimedia experience that will blow your audience away. We can also help with logistics, day-of support and more.

Animation & Motion Graphics

Whatever your need—from fully animated videos and commercials to motion graphics to augment a presentation, we can wrangle pixels to suit.


Our in-house staff photographers are experienced with shooting custom headshots, locations, products and just about anything else.

Production Consultation

If you’re shooting your own video and only need some support we can help with talent, stylists, logistics, intro/outro graphics and more.



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