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If you're looking to do your own in-house productions or exploring better ways to manage media, you've come to the right place. Let us help you understand the ins and outs.

Planning to produce your own videos or shoot your own photography? We would love to do it for you, but realize that it can be more cost-effective for certain businesses to keep these tasks in-house.

Whether we produce it or not, we want to help you make your productions the highest quality possible. To this end, we’ve worked with dozens of clients in various capacities to help guide them through the process.



Do you already know a little about Adobe Premier, After Effects or Photoshop? We’ll take your skills to the next level. We first like to meet with those who are going to be trained to gauge their current level of knowledge and what they hope to learn from the training. Then we sit with them one-on-one and walk them through the process of using photo and video equipment or editing software in the most effective ways possible.

Have your own video or audio equipment? Often it’s the little things that make a big difference, such as placing a microphone in one position over another to achieve the best audio recording. We’ve figured out a few tips and tricks along the way and are happy to share them so you can hit the ground running.

Our photo and video consulting services streamline and enhance the production quality of your in-house video and photography. We’ve worked with clients to determine equipment and software needs as well as create entire process maps and staffing recommendations to a company embarking on taking tens of thousands of product photos.

Looking to create a series of videos with an extra level of polish? A professionally produced intro, closing and on-screen graphics can enhance an internal production by adding a consistent, professional visual look. We can create motion graphics templates with your branding that can be reused in your in-house productions to create a great visual presentation. Check out our Motion Graphics and Animation services for more inspiration.


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